All Alone
Автор(ы): C.Norman
Альбом: Million Miles (2006)
A            F#m                  C#m
All alone I wandered through this town
    D                A
It feels so far from home
A               F#m            C#m
All alone this feeling gets me down
    D              Hm         D        E
My heart is not my own we’ve come too far

Everyday I wake and think of you
Wishing you were here
‘Cos only you can thrill me like you do
I need to feel you near inside my arms

           D     E                   A
Oh you and me we fit together perfectly
    F#m         C#m           Hm              E
And all I wanna do tonight is feel you loving me

A  F#m  C#m  D
A  F#m  C#m
D  Hm  D    E

             D      E                       A
My heart and me we think about you day and night
       F#m             C#m
And if loving you this much is wrong
    Hm               E
Why does it feel so right

All alone I wonder where you are
And what you’re doing now
All alone I play on my guitar
And try to write it down this way I feel

      A  F#m       A   F#m   A
All alone,   all alone

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