Baby It's History
Автор(ы): C.Norman
Альбом: Handmade (2003) 
D                                A
Baby it's history talking about you and me
         G                           D         A
I don't need your kind of loving so set me free
            D                         A
Oh baby it can't be right loving you day and night
'Cos the way you treat me lately
          Hm              A
Baby I'm losing sight of me
              D              A             D
Oh baby it's history, oh,oh,oh, baby it's history

Let's call it a day
My heart's too easy to break
'Cos living with you
Ain't easy to do
          Em        A
And it's all I can take


Instrumental: G    D    Em  A  D
              G    D    Em  A  D

I'm packing my bags
I'm gonna walk out the door
I'm letting it go
'Cos baby you know
         Em      A
I can't take anymore


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