Close To You
Автор(ы): C.Norman
Альбом: Close Up (2007)

With your long black hair and your dark brown eyes
I watched you walk in the room
The band was playing some rock'n'roll
Or some forgettable tune

Well my hands were cold but my heart was warm
E7                    A
I knew what I had to do
Am                  E
I made my mind up there and then
    H                   E
To try to get close to you

Close to you and your smile
And the way that you looked for a while
The way that you cared
Close to you and your touch
And the way that I want you so much
               C#m     H
The way that I do
       E                 H                       E
Well maybe I’m crazy or maybe I’m just running scared

Well you walked right in and you sat right down
And ordered something with ice
I wandered slowly across the room
You didn’t look at me twice

But I held my breath when you spoke to me
And asked if I wanted to dance
It was a way to get close to you
So I thought that I might take a chance


Well we danced some more and we talked a while
Until the evening was late
Then I took you home and you held my hand
We said good night at the at the gate

But you turned around to invite me in
I didn’t know what to do
Guess I was just too frightened, girl
To try to get close to you

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