Dangerous Heart
Автор(ы): C.Norman
Альбом: Into The Night (1997)
                    G     A                   D
You're leaving me shaking  like a dog in the cold
                   Hm     G                 D
I thought that I knew you  but what did I know
                  G    A                     D
My eyes were half open  and you forget them apart
                    Hm   G                     D
When I let you get close  with your dangerous heart

               Hm  A              F#m
You cut me so deep  and waited to see
                     Hm     G                  A
The blood that was dripping  and draining from me
                       G     A                  F#m    Hm
With your eyes all a blazing  well you tore me apart
               G    A                     D        Hm    D    Hm
No mercy you showed  with your dangerous heart
G    A                  D
Mmm,   your dangerous heart

And I fell like a hammer oh we laughed and we cried
With your crocodile tears all compassion denied
And the fight was all over well before it begun
You broke my resistance and the battle was won

You set me on fire then you left me to burn
With nobody listening and nowhere to turn
Then with eyes like a stranger you tore me apart
No mercy you showed with your dangerous heart

Well you showed me no mercy with your dangerous heart

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