Don't Fence Me In
Автор(ы): C.Norman
Альбом: Reflections (1995)
Intro: B F C F   B F C F
B:   10 11 10 x x x
F:    8 10 10 x x x
C:   12 13 12 x x x
F:    8 10 10 x x x
B:   10 11 10 x x x
F:    8 10 10 x x x
C:   6 5 5 x x x
F:   5 6 5 x x x

I have walked a hundred miles
      B              F
And cried a hundred tears
      Gm                B
I've heard the sound of innocence
   Gm                  C
I lost throughout the years
And I've stumbled to my bed
       B          F
In so many hotel rooms
       Gm            B    C        F
And forgot too many faces all too soon

    C                      F
And if you stand there and ask of me
     C                   B
How many lies I've been told
     C                    B               C
How many times I've been left out in the cold

               F                 C
Don't fence me in don't leave me out
              Dm                F7
'Cos I don't know what life's about
                   B              C                F    С
Though I've been there I have my doubts of where I am
               F                  C
Don't fence me in don't bleed me dry
              Dm               F7
Don't try to tell me where or why
         B               C                F    С
Before another day goes by don't fence me in
                    F    С
Ooh, don't fence me in

F  C  B  C  F

I have seen a blood red sky
Above a quiet place
And watched a man be ridiculed
For the colour of his face
And I heard a thousand tongues
All twisted by the truth
Condemning all the guilty without proof

So don't just stand there and laugh at me
And turn your face to the wall
Well I don't know if the preacher prays for all

Chorus (repeat)

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