I'll Meet You At Midnight
Автор(ы): M.Chapman/N.Chinn
Альбом: Full Circle (2000)
Smokie "Midnight Cafe" (1976)
F#m                       Hm
A summer evening on Les Champs Elysees
A secret rendezvous they planned for days
I see faces in the crowded cafe
A sound of laughter as the music plays

Jeanne-Claude's student at the University
Louise-Marie is just a world away
You recall the night they met was warm with laughter
The words and music as she turned away

E                 F#m       E
I’ll meet you at midnight
               F#m     E
Under the moonlight
I’ll meet you at midnight
                                    Hm              F#m
But Jean-Claude, Louise Marie will never be...

Each cigarette will light a thousand faces
Each hour that passed seemed like a thousand years
Midnight was turning into empty spaces
The sound of laughter'd disappeared


A summer morning on Les Champs Elysees
The empty tables in the street cafe
The sunlight melting through an open doorway
Jeanne-Claude has left to face another day


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