It's Alright
Автор(ы): C.Norman
Альбом: Handmade (2003) 
Intro: E A E   E H E   E A E   E H E

                 A     E
Little darlin' why so sad
                A       E
Do you need someone to tell
                     A        E
Has the world gone treat you bad
                           H       E
Feel you're drowning in a wishing well

Under the moonlit sky
You gave your heart away
Now he's gone you don't know why
Won't be back for many a day

A                                      E
Do you think you need someone you can turn to
A                            E
Someone to lean upon if you want to
Come to your daddy's arms
I'll wipe away your tears
A              H           E
I'll tell you baby it's alright

Instrumental: E A E   E A E   E A E   E H E   E H E

If you feel you need someone here beside you
Anytime you want me near just to hold you
Run to you daddy's arms
I'll wipe away your tears
I'll tell you baby it's alright

E A E   E A E   E A E   E H E ...

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