Just Another Drink
Автор(ы): D.Brandes/C.Norman
Альбом: Breathe Me In (2001)
Intro: D  Hm  G  A

      D                   Hm
Well sit down here we'll take it real slow
G                        A
'Cos there's no need to hurry
D                               Hm
I know you're thinking that you ought to say no, no
G                      A
But you don't have to worry

Hm                D
A 1,2,3, feel my hand on your knee babe
G                          A
I'm not the kind who will tell
Hm                   D
A 4,5,6, guess you know all the tricks now
G                           F#
But c'mon don't leave and break the spell

Just another drink before you must go
Baby can't you see it's starting to snow
I know it's what you want I see by your smile
Tell me you'll stay for a while my beautiful baby
Just another drink to weather the storm
Cuddle up to me and I'll keep you warm
You can put some music on while I pour
Baby you know what I like you're driving me crazy
D                  Hm                          G          A
You're driving me crazy, baby you're doing my head now

Take off your shoes and try to relax
Baby don't be suspicious
The record's playing all your favourite tracks now
And your lips are delicious

A 1,2,3, will you do it for me girl
Baby don't hurt my pride
A 4,5,6, you got me all in a fix babe
'N' you don't know what you've missed 'til you've tried
So c'mon baby


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