One Way Love Affair
Автор(ы): C.Norman/P.Spencer
Альбом: Break The Ice (1989) 
Intro: D  E  A  F#m  D  E  A

                           D     E
You're walking down the street
                    A        F#m
Not really going' anywhere
When suddenly you meet
  E               A
A one-way love affair
                    D     E
The way she says hello
                            A     F#m
Sends shivers through your heart
And all at once you know
 E                   A
You couldn't break apart

                  D           E
And if I had my chance again
                    A     F#m
I'd do it just the same
                   Hm            D
And if I had some words to say
I'd say them all again
                  D    E
Now I think you know
                        A     F#m
Just what you started there
Cos people say that ours
       E              A
Was a one-way love affair

D  E  A  F#m  D  E  A

You're wakin' in the night
And reachin' out for someone
The need to hold her tight
Is more than you can bear
You close your eyes again
Imagine she's beside you
Too scared to turn around
And find that she's not there

And when I think of all you said
It hurts me just the same
And now I know the sun has gone
Oh, and left me with the rain

They ask me how I am -
I tell them I don't care
I just say that ours
Was a one-way love affair
People say that ours
Was a one-way love affair
D     E               A
Oh, a one-way love affair.
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