Some Hearts Are Diamonds
Автор(ы): D.Bohlen
Альбом: Some Hearts Are Diamonds (1986) 
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Intro: C  Am  F  Dm  G   x2

 Am                Em
Open your heart to all of those years
 F                       C
Baby you look through a rainbow of tears
 Am                          Em
You watched your dreams all fadin' away
  F                        C
This time you're right oh you make my day
           Em            Am
Years may come years may go
             F                          G
But I still love you and I want you to know

Some hearts are diamonds
Some hearts are stone
                  Dm              G
Some days you're tired of being alone
Some hearts are diamonds
Some hearts are stone
              Dm             G
It takes two lovers to be as one

C  Am  F  Dm  G   x2

Illusions of love they'll come and they'll go
Trust in your heart maybe your love will grow
Your silent tears they're so full of pride
Baby I know that you can't run and hide
You need love like I do
I hope you want me like I know I want you

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