Stay With Me Tonight
Автор(ы): C.Norman
Альбом: The Interchange (1991)
           A                D
If you're lookin' for some lovin'
G        A                D
And you feel the time is right
G        A           Hm
All you gotta do is call me
Say you will
G               A       D
Stay with me tonight

G             D
Well you're alone
A             D
And I'm gonna be here
G                  D
And I want you to know
Em             A
I'm not gonna leave here
       G                D
And I know I feel it inside
A                   D
That lovin' you is easy
            G              D
And it's no use tryin' to hide
'Cos when I look at you
G                       A
I feel a need I can't deny

   G          A                D
So if you're lookin' for some lovin'
G         A                D
And you think the time is right
 G              A               Hm
Well don't you know how much I want you
  Em               A
To stay with me tonight?
G           A            D
And if you wanted me to hold you
G              A                D
And tell you things that will excite
 G            A           Hm
Well all you gotta do is call me
Em           G                A
Say you will, everything's alright
Stay with me tonight

G  D  G  Em  A

So look at me now
You know I've been waiting
An' I need you tonight
To stop me from shakin'
You can't hide the way that you feel
You might as well believe it
It's no use to try to conceal
'Cos if you turn away
I'm gonna know what's on your mind
Believe me baby

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