The Night Has Turned Cold
Автор(ы): C.Norman/P.Spencer
Альбом: Break The Ice (1989) 
Intro: Gm  F  Eb  D   x2

              Gm                Cm
Well here we are, like total strangers now
   Eb                 F             Gm
I never thought that we would ever change somehow
          Gm                  Cm
I look at you, we played the losin' game
     Eb                F                 Gm
Oh, somethin' in your eyes tells me it's not the same

F                         Gm
And the night has turned cold
F                    B
And the feelin' is freezin' me
     Cm                               Gm
The nightingale has sung its last farewell
     Cm                               Gm     D
And now there's no-one left who I can tell

We used to talk about the things we'd do
And now I feel alone whenever I'm with you
You never know, you never want to see
The way you make my broken heart keep hurtin' me


Instrumental: Gm  F  Eb  D   x2

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