Wild Wild Angels
Автор(ы): M.Chapman/N.Chinn
Альбом: Smokie "Midnight Cafe" (1976)
Don't talk to me of shattered dreams
Of course you don't know what it means
G                   A                    D
To live for someone else, you can't just take
And when you're bitten by the truth
You blame it on your misspent youth
G                  A                D
You never seem to learn by your mistakes

          G             A        D
So don't talk to me of wild wild angels
 G        A               D
Wild wild angels on the skyways
       G        A              D
Those wild wild angels on the highways of your life
           G           A D            G
'Cos it's people like you who never knew
      D        A               G
What wild wild angels have to face

And I ain't hangin' 'round to see
You turn on someone else like me
I'm still alive and you know the way I live
But baby that's one way you'll never be
Such simple things you fail to see
You take back everything you ever give


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