Walkin' In The Rain
Автор(ы): C.Norman
Альбом: The Growing Years (1992), Jealous Heart (1993)
Gm     Cm

Gm               F
She would never say
Gm                F
What she was all about
Cm           Gm
A restless dreamer
Cm          D
Without a doubt
Gm             F
How was I to know
Gm               F
What she had on her mind
Cm         Gm
An empty photograph
Cm          D
For one so blind

I'm walkin in the rain,
Doin what I can
It's pourin down again,
D#              D
On this lonely man
I'm walkin in the rain,
Holdin back the years
The rain is on my face,
D#                    D
And running wet with tears
I'm walkin in the rain

Mama said
No use cryin
It's all over now
There's no denying
Words won't comfort you
But you'll get over it
There's no need right now
For your despair

I don't need the pain,
Sing me lullabys
Your good intentions
All pass me by
She was something special,
So hard to find
The sweetest memories
Are left behind

 Подбор аккордов – Anton Radajkin