When The Midnight Hour Is Calling
Автор(ы): C.Norman
Альбом: Close Up (2007)
D  D4   D4  D

Baby you look troubled
         G                       D
Has the world been treating you bad
        G               D
Do you find yourself forgetting
          Em                     A
Have the good things all turned bad

Baby you look tired
          G               D
Come and lay down next to me
         G               D
I will stroke away your worries
           A                D
‘Til it’s time for you to sleep

          G                D
When the midnight hour is calling
          G                       D
And your heart’s still beating strong
          G                D       Hm
I’ll be there to stop you falling down
            A              D
Give you strength to carry on
                G                D      Hm
Yeah, when the midnight hour is calling
          A         D
You will never be alone

D  D4   D4  D

Baby don’t you worry
Everything will work out fine
We are children of the universe
Yeah we‘re children of our time

Now baby it’s alright now
So keep a peace within your soul
Take the weight from off your shoulders
It is still a beautiful world


D4:   3 3 2 0 0 0
 Подбор аккордов – А.Кутелия