When The River Runs Dry
Автор(ы): C.Norman
Альбом: Breathe Me In (2001)

And so my love we've reached the end
We'll go our separate ways
And I'll always be your friend
           A               E
Baby it's time to say goodbye

Who can say just what went wrong
It couldn't last
I guess we knew it all along
And now I can't stand to see you cry

Oh it's hard to say you're sorry
When you love someone completely
       F#m                                   A
And I know there's no more tears that I can cry
Yes it's hard to say goodbye
E         A               E
When the river runs dry

You take the best of me with you
I wish you happiness
In everything you do
Baby it's time to walk away

Now I must be the lonely one
My hands are tied
And they can never be undone
And there's nothing left that I can say


Instrumental: A  E  F#m  A  D  E  A  E

There's one more sacrifice to make
'Cos I must leave you now
Before my heart will break
So baby it's time to say goodbye


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