Yesterday's Dreams
Автор(ы): C.Norman/P.Spencer
Альбом: Smokie "Strangers in Paradise" (1982)
Intro: Am  D  G   x2

             Am      D
I sit by my window
            G                    Am    D
Strawberry wine in the night and you
            G    E7
It turns me on
                       Am     D
Makes everything seem right
Although it may be wrong

I often remember
The many things that we long to do
But now they’re gone
But everything's alright
We knew it all along

             Am                 D
Yesterday’s dreams will be the same
Although our hearts may change
             Am                 D             G
Yesterday’s hopes will still remain and never die
             Am                D
Yesterday’s dreams may not be new
            G                 C
But if our love can see us through
             Am                D
Then I will live my life for you
Yesterday’s dreams

Am   D   G

Though we may wonder
Thinking of times that were gone too soon
We knew them well
The many, many nights
That I have spent with you

Drifting through shadows
I saw the light and it shines from you
And as it fell
Oh, I suddenly could see
That all they said was true


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