American Girl
(): C.Norman/P.Spencer
: Rock Away Your Teardrops (1982)
I (capo 1 version)
D  D6...

Ooh yeah
She was just an American girl
Oh, but how she could move me
                               Em            A
When we were but two strangers in the night
She was out of sight

And the music kept drawing her near
And her body was swaying
                            Em           A
As if silently saying "Ill be with you
Before the night is through"

G                           A        D
And her eyes where like a starlight
                       G    Em
Her skin was soft as snow
                 A            D
She looked like heaven to me
G                  A         D
And if only shed loved me
                         Hm   Em
Well I guess Ill never know
But Ill always love you
American girl

Em      A
American girl

And the juke box was starting to play
And we danced till the night turned to day
With the same old familiar song
The guitar moves along
Oh, move along

D           Em  A  D


Hm                G
When darkness surrounds me
A        D
I wanna die
Em               A
And no one have time
To ask me why
They dont even try
Hm                 G          A
Through all those rainy days
She helped me fly
But darling
I cant, I cant fly

Now Ive lost my American girl
As I sit in my room
When the memories haunt me through yesterday
Shes so far away
But the music is lingering on
And I find myself hearing a tune
Of the same old familiar song
It goes on and on and on


Em                A                  D
Yes, Ill always love you, American girl
Em           A                  D
Ill always love you, American girl

D6:   7 7 7 7 5 5
  – .