Another Heartache
(): C.Norman
: Single (1991)
Intro: A   E   F#m   D   E

You try to call but she's not home
Somehow you feel shes not alone
Shes keeping secrets
         D                 E
You can tell you know her well

And friends you share all tell you lies
Now they cant look you in the eyes
            F#m         D
You feel rejected all alone
You saw the signs, you should have known

F#m            D              E
But still you hope its imagination
           D          Hm             E      F# E
You cant rid yourself of this infatuation

Another heartache, another pain
And you cant take this hurt again
Another piece inside you dies
Another heartache
Another heartache its still the same
Although you try to win the game
Another chance to spin the wheel
Another heartache a looser's deal

And so you wait outside the door
Shes still the girl you knew before
But when you see her in the street
She starts to cry

Oh, and she feels she needs some time
Shes so confused, things on her mind
She says shell call you
Maybe your weak, she waits an answer
But you cant speak

And you cant believe in this situation, oh no
Try to fool yourself that its imagination


A   E   F#m   D   A

  – .