Big Fat Momma
Автор(ы): C.Norman/P.Spencer
Альбом: Smokie "The Other Side Of The Road" (1979)
Каподастр на III лад (capo 3 version)
D                       Em
I thought my chance of being in love
A                       D
Had passed me by, it’s true
     Hm                       E7
But you brought the sun back into my life
   Em                  A
Now I must confess to you

I was a lonely boy
Until you came along and brought me joy
Just like a baby with a brand new toy
A                   D     A
You really made my day

I was a lonely boy
Just a little shy and oh, so coy
With all the charm and grace that you employ
A                   D     D7
You stole my heart away

G                    H7       Em
I was only young and so were you
But what else could I do
Em         A
One, two, how I love you

    D                                  Em
Oh, big fat momma, hold me close and squeeze me tight
Bet your bottom dollar, I’ll be right
G     A       D    A
If stay with you
 D                              Em
Big fat momma, take a walk with me tonight
Bet your bottom dollar, by the light
G       A       D     A
Of the silvery moon

D  H7  Em  A  D  A
D  H7  Em  A  D  D7

 G             H7             Em
Harmonize and croon a simple tune
Together we will spoon
Em            A
And in June, honey-moon


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