Falling For You
(): A.Silson/T.Uttley
: Smokie "Strangers in Paradise" (1982)
Intro: A  F#m  D  E   x2

Well you gave me words of wisdom
On that starry summer night
When you said you had another
And you said he held you tight
But I didnt let you know it
'Cos I know it wasnt right
And I think Im going crazy
'Cos Im looking for a fight

Yes, I know you had some problems
With your troubles and ideals
But I never had the chance to show you
Just the way I feel
But a life without a heart and soul
It surely cant be real
And I face this loving now and then
Is not the best to deal

And Im falling for you
Yes Im falling for you
I dont care about the others
Who say that lifes a dream.
Im just a man who understands
The way the story ends
Yes, Im falling for you
Whatever you may do
Is not the best of friends in need
Its love for life, its not just greed
Am I the one whos got it wrong
And you the one that sounds so strong

A  F#m  D  E

Well I never had a problem in my life before today
And the more I seem to check it out
The less I got to say
Im the one whos in the middle
Without his peace of mind
I just cant seem to work it out
And leave it all behind


  – .