Mini interview after the show in Novosibirsk on 19.06.2008


— Chris, when the new album will come out?

— I donít know exactly, the new album will be probably before Christmas, I think. I hope, I hope, weíre not sure because of the record company and everything elseÖ

— And what kind of work it will be?

— Itís a history album. Itís like a complete history album from the beginning, from the beginning of Smokie from 1975. It goes right through all the Smokie tracks and all the solo tracks and till today. And 4 new songs will be on that Ö itís 36 songs on the album.

— Youíll play with new musicians?

— Some of these with new musicians, some of these with old stuff, it will be mix.

— When will DVD of “Close Up” tour come out?

— Yeah, thatís come in as well. May be itís gonna be a bonus with the History Album – it could be like three CD, three disks: one disk – Smokie-songs, one disk – solo-songs and 4 new songs and one disk – DVD.

— What is your impression of the past concert?

— Itís been difficult today because Thomas Anders – he was on late, really late – 2 hours. That was hard because by the time we go on people are gonna homeÖ Theyíre mixing Ö. We had lot of problems today which are unfortunatelyÖ. We left lot of songs, I donít know, we left about 6-7 songs because we had to do it short, because of Thomas Anders, he went on so long. Normally we do all stuff. He like spoiled the whole thing, you know.

— So next time we wait for your solo concert! :-)

— Yeah, I think it would be better. Next time we should do a full concert. Normally, when I do concert I do it like 2 hours and then I do everything.

— People were separate today. One part of them likes “Modern Talking”Ö

— Yeah, itís a silly, itís a kind of silly billy really. A half me and Thomas Anders on the same show – itís no way. But I didnít know, you know. Before I came I didnít know itís gonna be that. So anyway. I would never normally do that show, you know.


Questions asked by Iren (Tomsk)
 © 2008