Forty Years On
(): C.Norman
: Crossover (2015), Smokie "1975/2015 40th Anniversary Gold Edition"
I remember back when we first started
We were all together chasing all our dreams
Every day we seemed to get much better
Hopes and disappointments were all part of the scene
We travelled 'round the world to spread our music
And made more friends and fans each place we'd play
Success just followed on, it seemed like magic
So thank you all for giving me those days

'75 we really made the breakthrough
We were riding high then with records in the charts
Tours and TV shows and all we wanted
It seemed so many people all took us to their hearts
Everything was new and so exciting
Just one big adventure all the way
We didn't know our story we were writing
So thank you all for giving me those days

Forty years on, where have they gone
Thinking of days that don't seem so long
Where are the boys that we were once then
Fortunate friends, now forty years on

Thinking of the times we shared between us
Times we shared together, that changed all of our lives
Memories live on now and forever
Only we remember those heady days and nights
Now we may be older but no wiser
Time has made us go our different ways
We wont forget who gave us all those chances
So thank you all for giving me those days