ņ‚ÚÓū(Ż): J.Boback/J.Nilsson/T.Bjerre/M.von Schlieffen
ņŽŁŠÓž: Break Away (2004)
The Hits! From His Smokie and Solo Years (2009)
Guess I took your love for granted
Even though you cared for me
Losing you has left me stranded
Like a single fallen leaf
I was foolish and demanding
And just too blind to see
Youíll always be a part of me, baby
How can I survive

I realized thereís a consequence
But know that your heart still has a home for me

Baby Iím amazed with the thought of you
Youíre so amazing
Lost in all the thoughts I have of you
Come back here baby
Every night I whisper to the stars
Donít wanna sleep without you
I donít wanna live without your love
Itís so amazing

I sacrificed,what I should cherish
All you asked was love from me
Now I understand your feelings
And youíre the air I need to breathe
Never meant to cause you any sadness
And you can blame it all on me
The heart of me, youíll always be baby
Centre of my live
Imagining you loviní someone else
I donít want to be reality


Insecure when I let you go
There were so many things I didnít know
I canít forget that very night
You turned around and walked away from me - girl


Baby Iím amazed
Every night, every night
So amazing baby