Big Chance
(): C.Norman
: Break Away (2004)
Up town, down town everybody turn around
Record breakers, fortune fakers
Ice cream dancers run around chancers
Looking for a headline, giving me a hard time
My, my, my – bye, baby, bye

Come here, go there – still got the same hair
MTV girl – living in her own world
Overblown deejay – listen what the man say
Backstage divas when they gonna leave us
My, my, my – bye, baby, bye

Things I wont forget,
This will be your
Big chance, no chance its the only chance you get
Look out baby oh youre gonna get yours yet

Chinese takeaway feel I gotta breakaway
Rollercoaster got my own toaster
Telephone Ina anybody seen her
Living in your own dream listen to the crowd scream
My, my, my – bye, baby, bye


Big time egos standing on your tiptoes
Tune in turn on – acting like a Don Juan
Telephone speakers attention seakers
Feeling like a oddball staring at the same wall
My, my, my – bye, baby, bye