Break The Ice
(): C.Norman
: Break The Ice (1989) 
There's so much I could say to you
If I could find the words to use
Holdin' back the fears, for oh, so many years
Images of broken dreams
That float away in endless streams
Thoughts, I had of you, when nothin' else would do

People say love is round the corner
I've had my share of that
Every day, feel a little stronger
Now I know our love was made to last

If I could break the ice,
You and me, we've paid the price, over and over
Break the ice, there's nothin' left to sacrifice
Hearts growin' colder now
So we will break the ice

The burnin' that I feel in me
Lies open now, for all to see
I'm drownin' in my tears, cried for many years
An empty heart, an empty room
A dream that ended all to soon
Promises you write, seem helpless in the night

You may say, love will last for ever
I have my doubts of that
Every day, oh I can still remember
That I know our love was made to last

Repeat chorus