Breathe Me In
(): C.Norman
: Breathe Me In (2001)
I don't believe in miracles
In make believe or wishing wells
But lying here beside you
Well I don't know

I feel your body touching me
It's virtual reality
So loosen up now baby
And let it flow

Breathe me in take your time
Take it slow make it last all night
Breathe me in
Breathe me in make it last
It's alright don't go too fast
Hold me close breathe me in

Your love will be the death of me
I'm drowning in your ecstasy
And I really want to please you
All the time

Tonight you'll be a part of me
A satisfaction guarantee
We'll come together baby
You will be mine


So many times I've wanted you
But not a second glance
Now I've got you here with me
Baby don't throw away this chance