(): C.Norman
: Break Away (2004), Coming Home (2006)
You take my breath away whenever Im with you
You make me promises but baby theyre not true
Whispers in the night that keep me hanging on
You walk into a room and you light up the place
You speak the words of love were standing face to face
You got me on a string Id give you anything

And as for heartaches and as for mistakes
Ive had my share but baby I dont care

You leave me breathless whenever you are near
I feel so helpless a hopeless situation
Oh, and everything depends on you
Theres nothing else that I can do
You leave me breathless I try to play it cool
But Im so restless theres no explanation
Oh I hear the sound of my heartbeat
Im breaking down each time we meet

Some people talk of you they dont know how I feel
Sometimes I hear your name Im in a spinning wheel
You are a part of me you are my destiny

I wanna hold you, I wanna touch you
Cant get enough oh I need your love


My love is burning like a flame
I know Ill never be the same without you