Cryin' Time
(): C.Norman
: Reflections (1995)
It's cryin' time again
Why did I let it go
It seems we never win
Don't wanna lose again
Oh no

Now I've ruined everything
And there's nothing left to show
How can I begin
To make you love again
I don't know

Didn't mean to hurt you baby
But what am I to do
To make you forgive the times that I lied to you, oh
'Cos it's

Cryin' time,
Cryin' time,
Cryin' time again

There's so much I wanna say
Oh I don't know where to start
Now everything has changed
I can't take away the pain from your heart

If only I could make you see
Oh how do I begin
To turn back the hands of time and start out again, oh
'Cos it's

Chorus (repeat)