Don't Fence Me In
(): C.Norman
: Reflections (1995)
I have walked a hundred miles
And cried a hundred tears
I've heard the sound of innocence
I lost throughout the years
And I've stumbled to my bed
In so many Hotel rooms
And forgot too many faces all too soon

And if you stand there and ask of me
How many lies I've been told
How many times I've been left out in the cold

Don't fence me in don't leave me out
'Cos I don't know what life's about
Though I've been there I have my doubts of where I am
Don't fence me in don't bleed me dry
Don't try to tell me where or why
Before another day goes by don't fence me in

I have seen a blood red sky
Above a quiet place
And watched a man be ridiculed
For the colour of his face
And I heard a thousand tongues
All twisted by the truth
Condemning all the guilty without proof

So don't just stand there and laugh at me
And turn your face to the wall
Well I don't know if the preacher prays for all

Chorus (repeat)