Don't You Cry
ņ‚ÚÓū(Ż): C.Norman
ņŽŁŠÓž: Break Away (2004)
Every day I think of you
And come what may, youíre on my mind
Time goes by oh we canít stop it
Donít be sad we had our time

And though we tried itís not to be
So baby smile when you think of me

Donít you cry, baby itís not so bad
Donít ask why, baby donít look so sad
ĎCos youíll look back one day and think of what we had
So donít you cry

Life is just a stupid game
So put your trust in what you see
I wish you well in all you do
And youíll be fine eventually
Lift up your heart and fly away
Thereíll always be a better day


Any time you need me you know where I am
All you have to do is call
If ever you're in trouble Iíll be there for you
Baby any time at all

And if one day we meet again
And if I try a new romance
Turn around donít hesitate
ĎCos we wonít get a second chance

I know we tried to get along
No turning back no right or wrong