(): D.Brandes/C.Norman
: Breathe Me In (2001)
Everyday I wait on the street 'til you're passing my way
But baby you look right through me
Just like you never knew me oh, oh

Walking along hoping that maybe I'll catch you alone
I wish you were still my baby
I miss you girl like crazy oh, oh

These old heartaches I carry around
Like a suitcase that's weighing me down
With all the no regrets I left behind me, baby
These old heartaches the same old hurt
With a new face but I never learn
And how was I to know you'd leave me crying, baby

Playing the game only a fool like me to blame
The foolish things that I'd do
I didn't mean to hurt you, oh, oh

And so many nights I couldn't tell
The wrongs from the rights
'Til baby you caught me lying
There's no use my denying


Heartaches, mistakes
Baby you leave me crying
Oh there can be no denying oh, oh