I Want To Be Needed
(): J.Silverman/P.Shenale
: single "I Want To Be Needed"(1988),
album "Hits From The Heart" (1988)
When you go from today
I thought we had lost all our yesterdays
You told me you would never return
Was the hardest lesson I have ever learned

Then I appeared back into your life
You know I was here to stay
It was so simple to change your mind
Now it is so easy to say

I want to be needed, I need to be wanted again
When I open my arms with my love
You said that you need me, and I wanted you back
You wanted me near and I needed you back again

When you were gone
I tried to forget moments of sorrow pains of regret
Motions were twisted without you around
I screamed out for comfort it made no sound

But I decided to come back to you
It just take some time to see
After the heartbreak of loosing you
It made it so clear to me

Chorus (3 times)