I'll Be There
(): C.Norman
: Into The Night (1997)
Through the mist of my tears
I see you tonight standing there
And the ghosts of your shadow
In my memory are everywhere

And I would do anything to hold you tonight
And god knows I've tried so hard
But I miss you baby
Yes I miss you so

Whenever you want me babe I'll be there
Whenever you need me babe I'll be there
No matter where you are I'll be right by your side
I'd climb up the highest mountain for you
There's not a thing that I wouldn't do
I would go anywhere if you need me girl
Well baby this I swear: "I'll be there"

Well the view from my window
Though it's still the same has changed somehow
And the cracks in my armour of self sympathy
Unattended now

I'd trade all these miss you nights
To hold you again
And god knows it's not the same
'Cos I miss you baby, oh I miss you so


And in times of uncertainty
Your words all come back to me
Over and over and over