Independent Girl
(): C.Norman
: Reflections (1995)
Well she's walking down the street
And hoping that she'll meet a millionaire
And she's good enough to eat
From her toes up to the flowers in her hair

She never stops to wonder where she's going to
With looks like hers she does just what she wants to do
And silly things don't worry her at all, she's a

Independent girl a woman of the world
She can do you like you won't believe
She'll make your day till you're begging her to stay
But anytime at all she might just leave
Independent girl

There's a look that's in her eye
That tells you that she's doing what she please
If you're a stranger passing by
Just a smile from her will put you at your ease

Don't concern yourself with what she's gonna do
You're gonna feel much better when she's through with you
And little things won't worry you at all

Chorus (repeat)