Inside Out
(): C.Norman/S.Strmljan
: The Hits! From His Smokie and Solo Years (2009)
Yeah, yeah
Running wild and my chains were broken
With a restless soul like a backward child
'Cos a devil's heart don't take no prisoners
And a burning flame sets a man on fire

Then you came my way with a look of innocence
With your secret smile and your eyes of blue
And you changed my life and you gave me comfort
And you turned me round like a runaway train

Inside out – upside down
Like a roundabout – spinning round
Wild and wired – all tongue tied, inside out

Play with fire and you deal with danger
A black moon's rising in the dead of night
Mystic magic like a devil's daughter
When you look my way and you hypnotize
And when you're close to me, well, the tension's risin'
Can you feel the heat, fill me with desire