It's Crazy
(): C.Norman
: Handmade (2003) 
Those guys on the TV they talk about Jesus Christ
But you know if you ask me I think that they're overpriced
And it's getting so hard 'cos nothing seems real anymore

Well I turn on the radio it's Henry Mancini
It's alright in it's day you know but what about you & me
And it's driving me crazy & I just can't take anymore

And it's crazy, yeah it's crazy
Well I live it and I breathe it
And it's something that I just can't ignore
Well it's crazy, it's crazy
And we see it & we hear it all the time
And then we close the door

Graphic scenes in the papers we develop immunity
It's what is the angle & what's in it man for me
And nothing is sacred & what price for truth can you find

Yeh it's life in the fast lane
And who's in the main stream they're livin on cocaine
And trying to keep the city clean
Just give 'em your loose change
Then put it to the back of your mind


So I'm watching the TV & I'm glad I'm not in their shoes
They smile so politely while breaking the bad news
Yeh it's getting so hard nothing seems real anymore


Yeh it's crazy, it's crazy