Lost Inside A Dream
(): T.Carey
: The Interchange (1991), Screaming Love (1994)
Four in the morning
It's getting on light
Rains coming down
And the cars are goin' by
And she's falling
Falling out of love, well

In a lonely hotel room
In another little town
He sits alone now
Turns his eyes down to the ground
And he's calling
But tears are not enough, no

Down on Bourbon Street
Where the nights are sweet
She smiled and knocked him off his feet
And when the lights went up
And the music stopped
He was lost
Lost inside a dream
Stranded on a shore
And that's what dreams are for
And nothin's like it seems anymore

Down deep inside him
There's a flame that still burns
He can't run away
'cause it twists and it turns
And she's gone now
And there's no looking back, no


He's lost inside a dream
Older than his years
And hardened by his tears
And who knows where he'll go anymore
He's lost inside a dream