Maybe Tomorrow
(): P.Solem/D.Wilde
: Reflections (1995)
I tried to win your heart
That's when I lost my head
I should have saved up all my feelings
But I squandered them instead
And in one fragile moment
I could almost see
Just how things might have changed for better
I guess what is was meant to be

Now I know it's gonna take some time to let you go

Maybe tomorrow my heart will mend
Maybe tomorrow we'll be friends
Maybe tomorrow who's to say
But tonight it seems like tomorrow is so far away

Tell me what can I do
To fill the space that once held you
I see your face in every corner
Hear your voice in every room
And I know this feeling
Is the ghost of all our tears
Will you be haunting me forever and ever

Oh no I don't think that I can let you go

Chorus (repeat)

What am I gonna do without you baby
Since you've been gone

Chorus (repeat)