Miss You
(): C.Norman
: Reflections (1995)
Since you been gone
The world doesn't seem the same
Nights are so lonely and long
Oh who's to blame

Miss you since you been gone
Oh miss you can't carry on
Restless can't settle down
I'm so restless since you're not around

And I don't wanna be lonely and blue
I'm lost without you
It ain't no lie
Friends say I ought to just go my own way
But still night and day
I try but I can't get you out of my mind

Oh miss you maybe I'm wrong
But I miss you since you been gone

Lonely, lonely and blue
I'm so lonely without you
Helpless, helpless and down
I'm so helpless without you around

Since you been gone I been lost from the start
You locked up my heart
And I can't find the key
And when you told me that no-one's to blame
But it's not the same
I just can't believe it could happen to me

Oh miss you more every day
I miss you since you went away
Miss you can't carry on
Miss you since you been gone