Mistral Moonlight
(): C.Norman/P.Spencer
: The Interchange (1991), Screaming Love (1994)
The long and dusty road
That leads me back to you
Is so far gone it seems just like a memory
And as I walk along
I keep returning to
The things we said
And letters that you sent me

Mistral moonlight
Won't you show me which way to go?
Can't you see I'm lost,
Can't you see I don't know who to turn to?
Mistral moonlight
Can you show me the lighted road?
See what I have done,
Now I know I'm never going home

With my back against the wall
And my hands are tied in chains,
I wish that I could find someone to talk to
No matter where I go
My heart remains the same
Please remember me
With all the love I send you