Only You
(): C.Norman/P.Spencer
: Handmade (2003) 
Heartaches and mistakes are all I can see

You know that every time you go
You break my heart again
It's true I'd give my heart to you
On that you can depend

'Til I found you I was lost for good
But now at last I've understood

I don't wanna use you or abuse you
I don't wanna lose your love to anyone
I will never hurt you or desert you
Baby I just wanna dance
With only you, only you

Some day my love will find a way
We'll never be apart
For you are everything to me
You're safe in my heart

Lonely nights in a wishing well
'Til you came along and cast you spell


I know no matter where I go
I'll come running back again
This time I give my heart to you
My love will never end

Oh I don't always let my feelings show
But I guess by now you ought to know