San Francisco Bay
(): C.Norman/P.Spencer
: The Hits! From His Smokie and Solo Years (2009)
Smokie "The Other Side Of The Road" (1979)
Maybe I'm a loner
Maybe I'm a man
Maybe I'm a fool
But try to understand
I've been a dreamer
And I've been around
And I've spent my time
In many lonesome towns

I used to know a woman
I used to know a child
Sometimes she was so gentle
Sometimes she'd be so wild
I gave her all my loving
And I gave her all my youth
So certain of the future
So sure we'd found the truth

San Francisco Bay
Where my love and I did run away
We were looking for another day
But we couldn't find the words to say
San Francisco Bay
All the flowers that we gave away
Didn't know our sky was turning grey
We were so young in San Francisco Bay

So you see my darling
Just why I've been so strange
I've had so many heartaches
It's hard for me to change
So when you talk of loving
And going away with me
I still can't help remembering
The way things used to be

Chorus twice