Something's Been Making Me Blue
ņ‚ÚÓū(Ż): M.Chapman/N.Chinn
ņŽŁŠÓž: The Hits! From His Smokie and Solo Years (2009)
Smokie "Midnight Cafe" (1976)
Love has shaken me, sometimes mistaken me
This time itís making me hide
Love has told on me, then got a hold on me
Followed my heart to my pride

But somethingís been making me blue
And somehow I canít talk it over with you
Somethingís been making me sad
Something Iím missing that I never had
And I know whatís making me blue is losing you

Love was a game you played, a mistake I made
Never found it in time
I thought love was alive again, then it died again
Leaviní me wonderiní why


What is this feeling that keeps you revealing your pride
Why donít you listen, you canít reminisce on the times
That she loved you and lied

Oh I know, but love was so real to me,
How does it feel to be telliní yourself itís a lie
But now loveís got me wondering, got me fumbling
Got me stumbling by