Sweet Virginia
(): C.Norman
: Dont Knock The Rock (2017)
Well I met a young girl in the heart of the city
I remember like yesterday
I didn't think twice she was naughty and pretty
And Virginia was her name
Yeah, the girls were cool and the boys were funny
Well she danced all night and day
She moved so good believe me honey
She stole my heart away

I said go, go, go sweet Virginia, going down
Yeah, go, go, go sweet Virginia, never getting up again

Well I went back down to the heart of town
And watched her every day
She said hey, you gotta be that boy
Will you help me get away
She said I wanna go down to London town
I wanna see my name in lights
And you can show me the way to go
Gonna show you some exotic sights, yeah


Now it's been a long time, a long time ago
Ever since the day we met
Ah but she found fame and fortune
The kind you don't forget
She smiles at me from my TV
Every time I get the chance
And she can still set my heart a racing
Every time I see her dance, yeah


Repeat chorus