Tears Run Dry
ņ‚ÚÓū(Ż): P.Kvint/H.Lindvall
ņŽŁŠÓž: Break Away (2004)
Tell me why your smile has faded
Why you always look so sad
Tell me why youíre acting jaded
Surely it canít be that bad

You say youíve found that love can hurt you
In ways that you never knew
You vowed to never fall again
I hope that isnít true
I know that isnít true

ĎCause tears run dry
Even though you said goodbye
Even though your heart is breaking
Itís aching
Donít ask me why
But tears run dry
And I wanna be the one to try
To lighten up your day and bring out that smile
No matter how dark the sky
Tears run dry

All you gotta do is call me
And Iíll be right there by your side
I know that youíve got things to tell me
But first youíve got to swallow your pride
You always try to be the strong one
But tonight you can lean on me
I know it looks impossible
But soon enough youíll see


Life is curious
So mysterious
People come and go
Thereís no holding on
When all that you had is gone
I donít know how it is done