Under The Same Sun
(): R.Grubert
: Handmade (2003) 
How come in our cities so much love is left alone?
Lazy days just pass
How come so many children have a heart without a home?
Life on broken glass

Its time to realize
The loving kind must rise and believe in life

Come on, people, we all live under the same sun
Stick together now
Come on, people, underneath it all we're one
Stick together now
Cause we were born and we're livin under the same sun

Why's that? There's a hole where faith and sweetness used to be
This is not the way
Wake up, you know the remedy is hope, so sing along
We keep our heads held high!


There's a place where future lies
Take a deep breath and dont think twice
Open up your arms and eyes
And rise as you stand strong and believe in life