Wasted Nights
(): N.Graham/B.Mitchell
: The Growing Years (1992), Jealous Heart (1993)
Through this crystal glass
I see you again
Hear you whispering
Don't let the night fall
Like words from the pages
Of an open book
I can read that look
You're not fooling me at all

I'm still a part of you I know
Your body and soul are mine
And I'm not letting go

I wanna know what to do
To end these wasted nights
Torn open wide, empty inside
I can see that it's still hurting you
I wanna know what to say
To leave it all behind
So why don't we run to each other
And end these wasted nights

Through that timeless mirror
I know you look at me
You can clearly see
I'm still lost in you
And like this unmade bed
I'm so cold inside
I won't try to hide
Can't sleep without you

You're still a part of me I know
My body and soul are yours
And you're not letting go