When Love Has Gone
(): C. Norman
: The Album (1994), Screaming Love (1994)
She was only seventeen
and she wanted more from life than this
He saw her photograph didn't look like any other
He said, "I'll give you hopes and promises
And other things that you don't possess
Take whatever you can get you're on your own
And there ain't no turning back"
And she went all the way
until she didn't need him anymore

Well there's no turning back
and you know that your baby's in black
And all you can say is goodbye
when love has gone
And anyway that you choose
well maybe you win or you lose
What in the world can you do
when love has gone

He was only thirty-five
and he expected more from life than this
He kept her autograph dedicated to his mother
He said "I want that girl but she'll never know
How I'm left with this emptiness
Once she gave me her respect
Now it's gone and I just can't get it back"
And he knew every day
that she would never need him anymore