When The River Runs Dry
(): C.Norman
: Breathe Me In (2001)
And so my love we've reached the end
We'll go our separate ways
And I'll always be your friend
Baby it's time to say goodbye

Who can say just what went wrong
It couldn't last
I guess we knew it all along
And now I can't stand to see you cry

Oh it's hard to say you're sorry
When you love someone completely
And I know there's no more tears that I can cry
Yes it's hard to say goodbye
When the river runs dry

You take the best of me with you
I wish you happiness
In everything you do
Baby it's time to walk away

Now I must be the lonely one
My hands are tied
And they can never be undone
And there's nothing left that I can say


There's one more sacrifice to make
'Cos I must leave you now
Before my heart will break
So baby it's time to say goodbye